Aug 19, 2009

Dans la voiture

from top: “My dentist’s beach house”, “Sitting tall”, “Marshed” diptych, “Marsh” diptych, “Solitary egret”
oil, each panel 6x8"

What these paintings have in common is that they were all painted in the front seat of my Ford Taurus, all on rainy days. There is a term that I use commonly, en plein air; in fact it has much to do with the reason for this blog. It translates from French to “in the open air.” It is a term that was coined by the French Impressionist painters who upon the discovery of portable pigments and light being better captured outdoors, took their paintings outside where they painted on location.

So, dans la voiture is my translation into French from “in the car” or “from the car”. This will be the term I give to all paintings that I find reason to paint from my car. If any of you are French speaking experts and have a better translation, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Please visit my other blog Hot off the Easel to find additional plein air as well as studio paintings that are currently occupying my time. Thanks for visiting.

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