Jul 24, 2009


“More Hot Wieners”
6 x 9" watercolor

Someone just called and asked me if I am the owner of “Touch for Much”.
“Dog grooming”, he said after I was silenced. I told him I am not. What are people thinking?!

Okay, back to the art at hand. This painting was delivered yesterday to The Little Art Gallery, the gallery in Raleigh who so well represents me. Folks actually go there to request Behr watercolors of their favorite Raleigh scenes and hangouts. I did not paint this one yesterday, but I did stop at The Roast Grill for a quick hot dog. A well known Chicago ad agency just happened to be there doing a photo shoot. When George, owner of the Roast Grill, told the photo entourage that I paint the place, they must have known an artist would be a likely ham for their photos. So folks, if you see me on national TV, chowing down a dog, do let me know.

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