Jul 29, 2009

On the Boy Scout Trail

“Camp Tuscarora Diptych”
4.25 x 12" orginal watercolor

I had absolutely no intention of painting on this outing. I was actually doing research for an upcoming commission. But give me half an hour of waiting for something to happen, and I am glad I have my watercolors with me. Some people knit, some smoke, some read; I paint. Bug spray comes into play. I carry repellent and I carry itch medicine. It’s all part of the deal. I was introduced to plein air painting in 1981 at the Minnneapolis College of Art and Design. I remember my teacher saying, “The entire experience will impact your work, even the sound of a trickling brook nearby.” This I have found to be true. It includes all the positives as well as all the negatives. Who says that ant hill that I’m standing on doesn’t speed up the process, giving the painting a freshness that it would otherwise not have?

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