Jul 12, 2009

Independence Day Escapade

July 4, Atlantic Beach
6x8" oil on panel

Sorry for the absence folks. A friend was good enough to invite me to stay with her on the coast at Atlantic Beach for a week. I painted several small oils. Love the way small formats have a way of making my brushes bigger! I’ll post another of these small oils just so I can tell you the story of an unsinkable brush.

Sitting on the dock, totally immersed in the painting below, I did the unthinkable. I flicked my favorite brush right into the water several feet below. And then it was my brush that did the unthinkable — it floated! Vertically! I hope that there were no fishermen watching me. I stretched my entire body and legs far enough off the dock to fish out the brush with my toes. And dropped it! But then, with even greater determination, I was able to repeat my action and fish it out. I have lost brushes to the water before. This time I got lucky.

Soft light on rugged boats
6x8" oil on panel

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