Jul 22, 2009

Sweeter ‘n Wilber’s iced tea

“One Sunday morning”
8x10" oil on panel

“Sweeter ‘n Wilber’s iced tea” is an expression coined by a friend of mine. It’s one I wish I’d thought up. I know folks who only drink “sweet tea” if it’s Wilber’s iced tea. And nothing could be more delicious or thirst quenching in the heat of summer in Carolina. And nothing could be more quiet than a Sunday morning in Carolina, unless, of course, you’re in church. I chose to paint the scene above before the Sunday crowd. Wilber’s is never this quiet. The place is world famous. Before it was so famous, in 1965, I went on my first dinner date at Wilber’s. Little did I know that one day I’d be painting it. Go to Wilber’s most days, and you’ll be standing right under the F-15 Strike Eagle jets as they zoom their way back to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. I love the contrast of the high technology in the sky with the barbeque joint and its fruitstand on the ground.


  1. Wilber's looks like a great place to eat. The fun shows in your happy painting. Let's go there when the weather is a little cooler. Sarah K

  2. Brenda, your painting and description put me on the spot. I think I was at a place just like that.