May 6, 2010

Crook’s Corner

“Springtime at Crook’s
7 x 10" watercolor

Relative to the number of new paintings I’ve done, I am way too far behind on my blog postings. Now that I’m back to my home studio (as opposed to God’s studio) I’ll begin posting work every day until I’m up to date.

Here we are at Crook’s Corner, so named after a woman that was murdered here in the 40’s. Talk about living (dying) up to your name! And even fishier, she ran a fish market! If you want to read the full scoop on Crook’s notorious background, click here. The well-publicized restaurant has become one of Chapel Hill’s [NC] most popular eateries. Shrimp and grits may have been invented here. It’s a dish I highly recommend if you’re fortunate enough to visit the place. Be sure in summer to eat alfresco in the charming patio garden.

And dang! I thought yesterday that I had surely sold this painting. That just goes to prove how much we artists know about our own work. Maybe I’ll hear something today.

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