May 8, 2010

Scearce & Ketner

“Scearce & Ketner”
Watercolor diptych, 9 x 13.75"

Several weeks ago on a painting excursion in Swansboro, NC, I stumbled onto an amazing painter by the name of Jack Ketner.* It was a rainy day, too wet to paint en plein air, and so one of the local shop owners introduced me to Jack when we both happened into her pottery shop. Not a well publicized painter, but an incredibly gifted one, Jack is a popular vocalist/songwriter, a musician who plays just about anything with stings. I can attest to his musical talent, as recently Scearce & Ketner performed at The Flying Shamrock, a local pub in Goldsboro, the NC town where I live. First thing I asked Jack when he announced he was coming, “Can I bring my paints?” Those who have watched me paint musicians, including Jack now, know that I paint to the music. When a song comes to an end, my painting most often comes to an end. I used to dance; now I paint.

* See Jack’s outrageously fantastic art (I call it Satirical Surrealism) at

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Brenda! Your watercolor sketches have a lot of energy. And I like the simplicity of them. I looked at Jack's web site and his paintings are very interesting. Would love to see them in person and look at them closely. There is so much going on.