May 12, 2010

Here comes Lillie

“Help support the flower lady”
7.5 x 9.5" watercolor

When I set out over the Easter weekend to paint Lillie Pratt, the last of the flower ladies* on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, I took with me eleven note cards with her image on them that I'd planned to give to her to sell on the street. When I soon realized that she would probably not hold out to get a fair amount of payment for the cards, I came up with a better idea.

The owner of University Florist & Gift Shop (in close proximity on Franklin Street), Mr. Charles House, has kindly agreed to sell the cards on Lillie’s behalf. Not only that, he is now carrying an entire line of Chapel Hill-themed cards featuring paintings I’ve done of the area, primarily on Franklin Street.

I find it a not-so-good use of my time to print greeting cards. However, for the exposure it gives me in a new area, I think it may be worthwhile. It’s official now that in the spring of 2011, I’ll be having a show of my watercolors on the University of North Carolina campus in the student-run gallery at Carolina Union.

* See the story about Lillie Pratt and the Franklin Street watercolors on my web blog at Hot Off the Easel.

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