May 16, 2010

A tall order

“Corner of Columbia and Franklin”
7 x 10" watercolor

This painting is full proof that art is a place where an artist can totally escape him/herself. If this were not true, my height phobias would have kept me from the edge of Top of the Hill, a restaurant on the third floor of the corner of Columbia and Franklin Streets in Chapel Hill, NC. See below a more down-to-earth view I’ve done of this popular landmark restaurant.

I can thank some of my undergraduate design classes that taught me always to explore alternate perspectives and views of an object or scene. And I can thank my waitperson at Top of the Hill for supplying me with the napkin and drink that identifies where I was sitting. I’d asked him if there were a signature beer brand he could bring me to better identify the restaurant. He explained that there is, but that it doesn’t come in a bottle. So then, he came up with this, an even better idea.

“Top of the Hill”
6 x 9" watercolor