Jan 15, 2011

Life is a cabaret

Miss Annie Rose, 5-minute pose, 8x8" watercolor
Meka La Crème, 10-minute pose, 7x12" water color
If you like Lisa Minelli, here’s a little musical accompaniment while you’re reading.

Kegan, a.k.a. Sheik Attire
Burlesque Underground provided the models Thursday night for Dr. Sketchy’s Cabaret Exotique. Meka La Crème, the burlesque dancer, was by far the most exotic creature I’ve ever sketched. Performances after each sketch session were highly entertaining. What a great way to break the chill of a January night — sketching from life, entertainment from an eclectic troop of performers, and camaraderie with like-minded artists. Loved it.
Meka La Crème, 5-minute pose

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