Jan 26, 2011

Inward Bound

Spring walkway, Coker Arboretum, 18x24" watercolor

This may be my least favorite time of year. Too cold outside to comfortably paint en plein air, I’m housebound. With twenty-three paintings on my agenda for an upcoming show at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this may, on the other hand, be a good thing.

It was intended that all of the paintings for this show would be painted en plein air. I share with you one of two that I painted on location. The size of all the paintings will be 18x24". I have found that this is a little large to be painting in my calligraphic style. No problem with the lines going down in the second stage of painting, but the very wet wash that is essential to the base coat, does not want to remain wet on a day favorable to plein air painting. Here lies an example of not being able to have it both ways.

Click Chapel Hill 23 to see most of the paintings completed so far for my upcoming show at Carolina.

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