Jan 1, 2011

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind?

“Corner Drug Store", 7x10" watercolor

I did not paint this scene to capture the Drug Store. I came to this corner to paint this little slice of Goldsboro where I live. Funny how it takes losing someone or something before we truly appreciate them. I was told when I was painting this that Goldsboro Drug Co. is going (or has gone) out of business. And I was reminded that there used to be a mortar and pestle sculpture atop the building. As I recall, it was gold in color. How I now wish I’d taken at least one photograph of it. The building I’m referring to is the one at center with the green and white awning. It’s probably the graphic awning more than anything that drew me to this scene.

How sad it makes me to think this business, like so many others in recent times, is going by the wayside. I wish I had enough willpower and commitment to stay away from the chains, the Walmarts and K-Marts, and pay a little bit more and give my business to our country’s smaller retailers. We may be able to find it for less, but the price we’re paying is the loss of the charm and personalized service small businesses bring to our communities. Goldsboro Drug Co. was built in 1870. It has been Goldsboro’s oldest business in continuous operation. I hope it remains so, and that what I heard about its closing is only a rumor.

Go to Hot Off the Easel to find the same scene in oil. In fact, if you’re a subscriber to my Behr Path newsletter, you’ll see this scene again this coming week painted again in oil, but from a limited color palette.

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