Jun 22, 2011

Back to the beach

I really should be on the road to Wilson right now to pick up the unsold works in my recent show there. But I so love mornings spent blogging over coffee. Would I have said such ten years ago? I enjoy coffee and blogging more than bacon and eggs, more than cookies and milk, more than a whole lot of things. And without a doubt, I know it’s this fondness that keeps me from going to the gym mornings. Wish I could type a wink. io)

Bernie Rosage is a terrific painter and an all around good guy. He’s also a remarkable promoter who seems to enjoy sharing the successes of his artist friends. Click here to see the photo of me he tagged recently on his facebook page. It’s my wish that someday all his sharing comes back to him threefold.

Today’s painting is another watercolor that will soon be hanging in Vision Gallery at Atlantic Beach. Depicted here is an ice cream parlor that recently opened across the street from Big Rock Landing (see painting in my June 18 post). This is a case where all I had to do was turn the opposite direction to get a view for a second painting.

Sweet 16, an ice cream parlor, 6 x 9" watercolor

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