Jun 12, 2011

the Big Rock, a fish story

Big Rock Big Hopes, 9x6" watercolor
I painted Big Rock Big Hopes Thursday morning before leaving Morehead City, NC after a three-day coastal painting excursion. On Wednesday I painted an oil of the same scene. Both paintings will be available this week at Vision Gallery in nearby Atlantic Beach. Although it might be way too crazy to capture, I’d love to paint the same scene again with the crowd as it gathers for a weigh-in of one of the blue marlins that will be competing this year in Morehead City’s 53rd Annual Big Rock Tournament. $1,398,375 is the prize. This is a really big fish story. Believe it. If you’ve got the right boat and several thousand $’s to lie down as an entry fee, you might think about signing up next year. Registration for this year’s tournament closed today:o(


  1. Great painting Brenda! It was good to see you Saturday while painting at the lavender farm. I will have a blog post up by tonight, and I have a good shot of you painting that I will put in the post. Happy painting!

  2. Good to see you while painting at the lavender farm last weekend. I put up a blog post from the event, and put a pic of you painting and listed your website. Happy painting and take care!