Jun 18, 2011

More fishiness

Scene at the Big Rock, 5.5x9.25" watercolor
What is this? We’re just two days away from the longest day of the year, and there still aren’t enough hours in the day. Something is haywire. It may have to do with my two recent painting trips to the coast with an intermission at a lavender farm in central North Carolina. I’ve finally figured how I get so much painting done. When I’m on the road, all I have to do is eat, shower, sleep, paint and brush my teeth. Love it. Hate coming home however to unpaid bills and accumulated laundry. Home lately has become a pit stop. And the pits it is.

Here are two more plein air watercolors I painted at the Big Rock billfish tournament in Morehead City. These paintings and more to follow of the Morehead area are destined to be hung on the art adorned walls at Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach, NC.

I actually witnessed the third place blue marlin being weighed in at the Big Rock tournament. It came in last Wednesday on a boat named Sushi. The fish was a mere 467.4 pounds. Still, that’s a lot of sushi. And the $126, 700 third place prize money might even cover that much sushi.

Big Rock Landing, 6x9" watercolor

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