Oct 2, 2011

Brenda Behr slept here

The room with the red quilt, 6¾ x 9¼" watercolor

I got in from six days in the Raleigh area last night and made the mistake of pushing myself to stop by the local Food Lion to pick up a few staples. And I’ll be dang if on my way out of the store, I didn’t lose my purse with my iPhone in it. I’ve stopped service on it so if you’re one of those connected to me by cell, please know that my old number will no longer work.

Wanted to post last night, but the bed in this painting was way too inviting, reminding me at midnight that I wasn’t too far from my own sack.

I don’t know how many rooms I’ve painted in my travels, but these little boudoir watercolors have become a journal of where on the road I’ve laid my head over the last couple of years. The first five nights last week I was a guest of Kent and Debbie Lockey, childhood sweethearts with whom I graduated from high school. Kent’s great grandmother from near Newport, NC was the person who sewed the lovely heirloom quilt in this painting.

One more thing, the book on the bed is Capturing Radiant Light & Color by Susan Sarback. More to come on her impressionist approach to painting.

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