Oct 18, 2011


Thursdays are often a double-dose of figure drawing for me. I go to these sessions to hone my skills. The last thing I need is a finished oil painting that has skeletal issues with its drawing. At Chambers Arts! in Cary, NC. Lynda Chambers offers live model sessions to those interested. I’ve signed up for a package of six. On Thursday evenings, once a month, I often continue figure studies at a Dr. Sketchy session in Raleigh. More on the last Dr. Sketchy session will follow.

At Chambers last Thursday we had a fantastic model, Kathryn Cook. She is not only beautiful and limber, she’s a talented artist represented by the gallery. Because she’s an artist, she has a good handle on the types of poses that benefit us. She first gave us some one-minute poses, then five; then 15-20 minute poses for which she did some play-acting. I’m including here my first three of the one-minute poses. I moved to a larger sketchpad after these.

One thing became perfectly clear. I need to go to the gym more than I need to go to drawing sessions. Can you imagine holding any of these poses for a full minute? She also does yoga.


  1. What fun to see these loose but fabulous sketches. And now we know how smart you are because this kind of practice does pay off in your beautiful paintings. You have inspired me:)

  2. I love your sketches, Brenda! They are so fluid. Beautifully done!