Oct 3, 2011

Home alone

Debbie’s birthday roses, 9 ¾ x 6 ¼˝

Here we have a glimpse of Kent and Debbie’s informal dining room. Informal is a subjective adjective. In my house, this would be the formal dining room. Rather, this room would not even exist in my house-turned-studio. I feel fortunate, however, for rooms like this. They give people places to hang my art. And wouldn’t you know — that’s a Brenda Behr watercolor on the wall. Note the BB initials in the bottom right corner of the painting. Sorry, maybe too small here to see.

And the roses are birthday roses I assume. The card marked “Mom” on its cover was from Meredith, Debbie’s youngest daughter. I did this painting at night. The dark patchwork pattern of the windows was created by the darkness outside. Debbie and Kent were off to New York and left their houseguest mouse home to play.

These calligraphic paintings are about the stroke, not about the light. In order for the strokes to show, I have to keep the colors in the mid-tones, lest they disappear. This painting has deep mid-tones, about as deep as they should go with this style of painting.

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  1. Nice, Brenda! I enlarged your photo and saw the "BB" in your painting. It's interesting that to see your strokes you must stay in mid-tones. It's always fun to read about your interior paintings. :-)