Oct 20, 2011

Zombie Pin-Up Session

Zombie Pin-Up model, 7½ x 4½" watercolor sketch
Artists squeamish about the risqué need not attend a Dr. Sketchy session. Many who have been to art school are comfortable with nude figure studies. Dr. Sketchy models are not nude, but do often wear exotic garb. I find this more interesting than plain ole nude anyway, certainly more provocative.

On their web site, Dr. Sketchy includes the following:

Since 2005, Dr. Sketchy's has been the name in alternative drawing. From illegal flashmobs to the Museum of Modern Art, Dr. Sketchy's has brought artists a rule-breaking cocktail of dames, drinking and drawing. Dr. Sketchy's branches draw in over a hundred cities around the globe, from Akron to Zagreb. Whether you're an artstar or a scribbling newbie, Dr. Sketchy's is the perfect place to get your fill of life-drawing

Dr. Sketchy's is the brainchild of artist Molly Crabapple

Artist at Dr. Sketchy
At the October 13 ZOMBIE PIN-UPS Dr. Sketchy session in Raleigh stage names of the models were Sinister Red and Lady I'llphelia. I did many small watercolors of these macabre vixens. I’ve found that changing colors takes time away from sketching. As I recall, the one I’m showing above was a five-minute pose. Using multiple colors takes time away from painting. Although the color is fun, next time I think I’ll resort to only black paint with maybe a spot of color.

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