Mar 12, 2012

In and out of the studio

American Sycamore painting in progress
Just sharing a couple of photos today. I’m proud of the painting I completed yesterday of an amazing Sycamore tree. Painted on location at Jimmy Herring’s farm in Goldsboro, the 30x24” oil painting took me three afternoons to complete. I’ll be sharing the final work in my Behr Path newsletter this Sunday. Click here if you’d like to receive my weekly art chatter. Many of my paintings I share in Behr Path never make it to my website, not intentionally, just neglectfully.
Painting Alice

Here also, is a photo of my first portrait session in my new downtown art studio. The good news—my first subject is happy with her portrait. Happy subjects turn into happy customers. This is a good thing. Another person willing to model comes in this afternoon.

If I’m leaving you hungry to see a painting, please click Hot Off the Easel to see some of the better nudes I’ve ever painted.

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