Mar 6, 2012

When I’m not on the trail

Bittany, oil on panel
Finally I got a good night’s sleep. I’ve had much excitement lately revolving around the new studio I’ll be sharing with artist Robert Rigsby. I think it’s going to work out perfectly for us. We’d both prefer to be outside plein air painting, thus a “Gone Fishin’ Call for appt.” sign on the door. We’d also both prefer to paint figures from life, so this is a place where we can do that.

The studio opened last Friday night when the Arts Council of Wayne celebrated its premiere First Friday Art Walk downtown Goldsboro. I featured a sign-up for models. People willing to pose for two hours dropped their name and contact information in a jar. The person whose name was drawn won a FREE 8x10" portrait study*. All others willing to do a 2-hour pose (twenty-min sessions with 5-min breaks between) may decide if they want the painting, and keep it for $100. I’ve now booked four appointments, the first one at 2:00 today.

If and when you’re in the neighborhood and might like to take time on a Mon., Tues., or Fri. (my days in the studio) to pose for me for two hours, please contact me. No nudes and no obligation to purchase.

* The faces slide show at the upper right of this blog are examples of studies that I did in two hours or less. One of them is a watercolor; the rest are oil.

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