Mar 13, 2012

Painted from life

Lady in the Rose Sweater
I’ve now completed my first two portrait studies at my new studio in the Arts Council of Wayne County. A third person is scheduled to come in this Saturday. Here’s how this works, if you want me to paint you, you give me a $30 deposit which I hold for you until you come in at our prearranged time. You have 48 hours to cancel. When you come in, or should you need to cancel, I'll return your check. You sit for me for two hours, twenty minutes at a time with five minute breaks in between. If you like the painting at the end of our two hours, the cost is $100 plus tax. You have absolutely no obligation to buy the painting. You might ask, What’s in this for me? I get to practice on a live model for two hours. What’s in it for you? If you like the painting, you get to go home with an incredibly inexpensive original 8x10” oil portrait on canvas.
Ages limited to nine years and up.

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