Apr 16, 2014

A guy thing

Mostly Jane, with a touch of Layton, 7 x 9½" watercolor
I have been so privileged my three trips to Statesville to stay in Mabel’s, the charming guest house of friends Jane and Layton Getsinger.

Timing was such on Sunday before I left for Carowinds that I had enough time to do one more watercolor inside the charming guest house. The flashlight on the table is the “touch of Layton” referred to in the title. This is the flashlight Layton gave to me to use for walks at night back and forth to the main house.

My dad bought me a flashlight in 1980 when he and my mother visited me in Minneapolis in 1980. I had just bought my very first property. Dad walked in with the flashlight one day and announced, “I have just made a major improvement to this house.” Flashlights are a guy-thing.

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