Apr 15, 2014

“Thrill Capital of the Southeast”

Carowinds 2, 12x18" watercolor
NCPAP is the acronym for North Carolina Plein Air Painters, an organization of plein air painters that includes individuals as well as all the various groups of plein air painters in North Carolina. Saturday and Sunday we were invited to paint Carowinds, a huge amusement park on the outskirts of Charlotte. Included here are the two paintings I did that day.

One of the reasons I slowed down on my posts here On the Plein Air Trail is that I have become so regular posting on Facebook. Since many of you see me my posts on Facebook, I wanted to avoid the redundancy of the same work and in some cases the same words. I have decided, phooey on this! Better to have seen twice than not to have seen at all! So to Facebook friends, pardon the repeated posts.
Carowinds 1, 18½ x12½ watercolor

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