Apr 7, 2014

Sleeping around

To bed with the chickens, 7x10" watercolor
In the eighties, I wouldn’t dream of crashing at anyone’s house. I thought, back then, that this is something only college kids do. It was the eighties, the era of overabundance. Now I find myself an artist in the 21st century, and very willing to accept the hospitality that seems to run rampant in the South.

The folks I stayed with for on a Friday night in late March, Duffy and Elizabeth Healey, are an artist couple, Southern, but Southern Californian. I accepted their generous offer to sleep in Elizabeth’s studio. See Elizabeth’s wonderful watch dogs who guarded me. See her other wonderful works at http://elizabethlaulhealey.com/

That Saturday night I stayed in Statesville in the guest house of artist Jane Getsinger. I had to take chickens off the bed so I could crawl in that night.

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