Apr 8, 2014

Front rooms

Front room at Mabel’s, 7x10" watercolor
Here’s looking toward the front window of Jane and Layton’s guest house. It is such a contrast to the chaos that is my front room. Isn’t front room an old way of saying living room? Seems some rooms are more living rooms than front rooms, and conversely, other rooms feel more like front rooms than living rooms. Maybe front rooms got their name as they are the rooms we most want to put in “front” of our guests. In the case of Mabel’s front room, I think it just happens that this is the room at the front of this 100-plus-year-old house.

Jane Getsinger is an artist, who, unlike me, allows her artistic talents to affect and have wonderful influence on all of her surroundings. I tend to stay busy throwing paint around, and either storing paintings here or moving them into other environments. Most of my paintings look better and are happier in other folks’ homes. Just a suggestion. ;-)

All are invited to attend my solo exhibition, North Carolina: Statesville and beyond, opening Friday evening at Iredell Museums in Statesville. For details, visit the Events section of my web site.

Mabel’s, 9x12" oil on panel

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