Aug 2, 2011

Hotter‘n Hot

Hotter‘n the 4th of July, 6.5x9.5" watercolor

If I had kids and it was my desire to hand down to them a business that could ride the worst of economic times, I’d open a hot dog joint. I currently paint two popular hot dog stops in Raleigh, The Roast Grill and Snoopy’s Hot Dogs. The Roast Grill opened in 1940 and Snoopy’s, in 1978.

Notice the crowd waiting to get into the Roast Grill. When I stopped there last Friday to grab a hot dog, the temperature was 101º. Well, no need for me to stand in line. Nooooooooo, I can always do a painting! Watercolor dries a little too fast and artists melt in this kind of heat. Not only this, the jerk parked in the foreground of my painting had the audacity to pull away! Notice I left the J out of JERK in his license plate.

I cannot say when the prices on the image above were changed, but we can believe the Roast Grill wasn't selling hot dogs for $1.75 in 1940. Image came from a Roast Grill web site.

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