Aug 21, 2011

Lookout! Another lighthouse!

Lookout Light, 9 x 6 ¼" watercolor
Pathway to Lookout Light, 8½ x 5½ watercolor
I’m skipping the oil I did of Ocracoke Lighthouse as I’ll be featuring it in one of my future Behr Path e-letters. Dick and I explored the island, met some interesting islanders then proceeded to the mainland on a 2½-hour ferry ride to Cedar Island, NC. Twenty or so miles south, we rented the house of a friend in Marshallberg, thus giving us a base from which to explore the area known as Down East. On Harper’s Island we caught a 16-passenger ferry over to Cape Lookout. I managed to do several watercolors of this lighthouse that so well marks its shoals, another strip of our National Seashore. History and lighthouse mavens will find interesting material about the lighthouse and this section of the Outer Banks by clicking Cape Lookout, NC.

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