Aug 16, 2011

A trip to the Outer Banks

Currituck Light 1, 6.5x9" watercolor
Currituck Light 2, 6.5 x 9" watercolor
 A Minnesota friend and I just got back from a week long trip along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. One of my painting goals was to paint (in my calligraphic watercolor style) the lighthouses along our path. So, on day one, we headed up to Corolla where we visited Currituck Beach Lighthouse. I’ve painted the lighthouse before, but from photos. Nothing quite compares to being on location for reference when painting. Painting two views of the lighthouse better justified the travel time and expense to go there. As always with my calligraphic style, painting two views in the same vicinity also provided ample time for the wet base coat on each painting to dry.

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