Aug 17, 2011

A little family history

Parked at Avon Pier, 6 3/4 x 9" watercolor
Bodie Lighthouse (for reference)
After visiting Currituck Beach Lighthouse, friend Dick and I traveled south to visit Bodie Island Lighthouse. I am no wimp when it comes to plein air painting weather, but a heat index of 114ยบ became an issue. If I had found a good view of the lighthouse in the shade, I would have a painting of the lighthouse to share with you today. I did take some photos of the view that I will paint some time in the future.

On south even more to a pier I’d heard was torn down, Avon Pier in Avon, North Carolina. When I inquired, a lady in Rodanthe [NC] told me the pier was still standing. I’d never been to this pier that holds significant importance to my family’s history. In 1981 my dad cancelled an angiogram so he would be able to take a trip with his aunt, my mom and brother to fish on the Outer Banks. That October he and my brother were fishing on Avon Pier when dad was struck down with a massive heart attack. I’d always dreaded the day that I’d receive a phone call notifying me of the death of one of my parents. I was in Minnesota when I received the call from my grieving mother. When my mother died August 19 four years ago, I take comfort in knowing I was by her side.

Again, much of what I paint is tied to a memory.

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