Aug 20, 2011

Turning in at Blackbeard’s

Room at Blackbeard’s Lodge, 7x9.5" watercolor
Hotel rooms can be lonely places. When you’re alone and you don’t feel like watching TV or reading, what do you do? Well, I wasn’t quite ready for bed, and there was something about this room I wanted to capture. Maybe it was all the blues reminding me I was on the coast, on an island in fact, or maybe it was some of the dark wood that spoke to me of being old. Here I was in a not-so-good-value of a room at Blackbeard’s Lodge on Ocracoke Island. Maybe I just wanted to do a painting that included a roll of toilet paper—my second painting with toilet paper, in fact. Click Quail Ridge Reprieve to see the first.


  1. You are too funny. I love the roll of toilet paper.

  2. I love this one and agree with Jerry- too funny! I love the roll of toilet paper with it's own pretty shadow. You inspire me to try water color one day!

  3. I like your interior paintings and this one is really great! And, I too like the toilet paper! :-)