Jan 6, 2012

The drama continues

Most Fall Down, 11x14" oil on panel
“That was just a warning!”
And suddenly to my misfortune, he did a U-turn and screamed, “And this is for real!” Almost as quickly as my brain could digest his words, another bullet hit me in the chest. This time it killed me. The End.

Sorry folks. I didn’t think you’d believe yesterday’s “story”. From your reactions, I knew pretty quickly, I needed to finish it. Guess I felt an interesting story might liven up the painting. I have only written fiction here one other time, but had made it more obviously more fictitious. So sorry to have thrown you.

And by the way, I did purchase an item at Wild Indian Gun Co. When I’m out plein air painting alone, I carry a small spray dispenser of pepper spray on my key ring. So just so you know, don’t mess with a plein air painter! No sirree. To be sure, it gives me a false sense of security. It would be no protection from a drive-by shooting, but knowing I have a cell phone and some mace on me helps dissipate the fear of being out there alone.

Hope you can appreciate last weekend’s tobacco barn painting. This is my fourth oil of this barn near Shine Crossroads on Highway 13. Two paintings of it are, in fact, included in the Highway 13 Revisited collection (last blog). I’ve developed a relationship with this soon-to-be-torched tobacco barn. When I was there on Sunday, the property owner told me that the local fire department has plans to use the barn for practice. This saddens me.

I sure as heck hope the South has protected a few of these tobacco barns that once dotted our landscape. I’m glad tobacco has lost its former stature as “King”, but always feel sad when a structure once deemed so purposeful is facing its demise.

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