Jan 28, 2012

Not too shabby art studio

Brenda Behr slept here, 7 x 91/2" watercolor
I hope I never stop receiving overnight invitations. Not only is staying with friends on the road cost efficient, it provides me an opportunity to so better know my host friend(s). It’s also always a surprise to know just where I’ll be resting my weary head. So much more interesting than a generic hotel room.

Night before last when I was shown the studio where I’d be sleeping, I felt I’d died and gone to Art Heaven. Wow! This place was combination studio guesthouse / ivory tower treehouse. Check out the funky bed and the shabby chic chandelier. Up in the window are containers filled with various paint brushes and below, an I-want-one-of-those contemporary flat files used for storage. I was so excited to see my accommodations Thursday night that in spite of the hour (11:00 p.m.) I stayed up and did these two paintings.

Take note of the bathroom, my third painting to include a john. No t.p. in this painting, however.
Watercolor Water Closet, 9 1/2"  7" watercolor


  1. You do stay in the most interesting and elegant places. I have the two paintings you did of my guest apartment hanging in the apartment. I treasure them so.

  2. Jerry, And I so relish the memory of having the honor to stay there. The fist time I'd ever spent an overnight in a guest house.