Jan 12, 2012

Toy story

Barn with boy toys, 11x14" oil on panel
Loved the linkage of the whites and the stark contrast of light and shadow in this scene. The diligent man who owns the boat renovated what had been his [tobacco] packing barn and made it into a shed for storage of his farm and lawn tools. He also owns the dilapidated old barn that I featured on yesterday’s blog.

He who dies with the most toys wins was the message on the t-shirt of a Minneapolis friend and former business partner. With plans within a year to buy a sailboat in Florida and take off sailing with his fiancĂ©, my buddy collapsed with a fatal brain aneurism just before his 49th birthday. The lesson learned from this story is not to wait until tomorrow to do what you love and not to criticize your neighbor for having toys you think (s)he can’t afford.

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