Jan 11, 2012

Another bloody barn

Old packing barn in afternoon sun, 9x12" oil on panel
Dang! I thought I’d shared Van Gogh’s tobacco barn (below) on one of my blogs before this. Guess it was featured in my BehrPath newsletter. I’m really enjoying and discovering much about color with this Impressionist palette knife painting. I find it’s most effective on textured subject matter like landscapes and old barns than it is on contemporary urban structures. Here’s a packing barn to go with the tobacco barn painting. Different rural setting than the first one, but surely Van Gogh wouldn’t have cared. To my knowledge he never set foot on U.S. soil. As evident in Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe, we assume he was familiar with tobacco.

Van Gogh’s tobacco barn, 8x10" oil on panel


  1. Love both barns--especially the Van Gogh one.

  2. Thanks Jerry. You are such a color nut. Glad you like it. Color that jumps off the canvas is hard to resist.