May 28, 2011

Bird rehab

Essence of Pelican, 11x8" watercolor

Watching the tennis match, 10x8" watercolor, N.F.S.

Bashful, 11x7" watercolor

Feathered, 11x8" watercolor

Tim 1, 10.5x7.5" watercolor SOLD
I was given the opportunity this past week to visit a bird wildlife shelter on Oak Island, NC. I was impressed with Mary Ellen Rogers and with the center she founded and so passionately runs. Here is the mission statement of
Tim 2, 11.5x5.5" watercolor
Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter:

The Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter cares for injured or orphaned wild birds. We provide minimum medical care, safety from predators, food and shelter from the elements. When an animal is able to care for itself, it is released to the wild. We do not keep non-releasable animals nor use heroic methods to sustain the quality of their life. However, the Shelter does make every effort to rehabilitate an endangered species and every animal brought here is treated with respect and caring.

For more information on the shelter, visit it on the web at

A $50 donation to the Shelter buys one of the original pelican watercolors featured on today’s blog post. Tomorrow, I’ll post some smaller ones that I’ll offer in exchange for a $25 donation.

It costs an average of $25 to rehabilitate a bird. If you want to make a donation, make your check payable to the Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter and send it to 1638 East Beach Drive, Oak Island, NC 28465.

Notify me on this blog which painting you would like for me to send to you. Please include your mailing information. As soon as I receive confirmation that your check has been received I will mail your artwork.

Touché, 7.5x11" watercolor

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