May 20, 2011

Decent Exposure

Study for Midday at the Pit, 6.5x9" watercolor, SOLD
In conversation recently with the owner of one of the galleries that represent me, I said to her, “Eventually, they will all sell.” We were discussing the twenty-three paintings I currently have in my Chapel Hill 23 show.

On Monday, I sold one of the very first paintings I ever did in Chapel Hill, a painting done way back in 2006. Study for Midday at the Pit was a preliminary to Midday at the Pit, my very first commissioned painting from the University of North Carolina. A section of the painting which is now in the permanent collection of the University, is currently featured on the cover of the May/June issue of Carolina Alumni Review, a bi-monthly magazine that goes out to all alumni of the University. Click here if you’re interested in seeing the painting in its entirety.

On Wednesday, a gentleman, who had seen one of my Carolina 23 postcards, called and purchased one of the twenty-three paintings in the collection. When I referred him to my web site, he then selected five of my oil paintings, one of which dates back to 2007. Take heart, artist friends, it only takes one buyer to buy a painting, and sometimes, just a little exposure in the right places.

The last of the preliminary paintings I did for Midday at the Pit is still available. The painting features the Pit Preacher, now part of the history of the University of North Carolina. All of the Pit paintings were painted en plein air.

Friday at the Pit, 6.5x9" watercolor

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