May 11, 2011

Going to Carolina. Again.

Commencement at the Old Well, 5 1/2 x9" watercolor

Chapel Hill News just published a wonderful article about my Chapel Hill 23 show. The reception is this Friday evening, so if you’re available and it’s within driving distance, I hope you can make it.

I did a similar painting to this one for the show, only larger. I’ve learned a sure fire way to not sell a larger work is to offer small works or prints of the same subject matter. Conversely, a good way to sell small works is to make available larger works of the same subject. I did this painting of graduation at the Old Well last year. I’ve sold the two others I painted that day. This one is probably my favorite of those small ones. Because it’s not as literal as the others, I suspect is why it’s the last to go. It’s also why it’s my favorite. Carolina pride may be something I mention when I speak Friday night at the reception. The families at the Old Well on Graduation Day are boiling over with pride; it’s a wonderful thing to witness.

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