May 4, 2011

Three guesses, why am I partial to B&B’s?

The Monarch Room, 548 West B&B, 7 x 10" watercolor

Traveling invigorates me. I meet new people and find new things to paint. If it makes sense for me to stay overnight and when possible, I stay with friends, check into a B&B, otherwise. The Monday night after Easter I stayed at 548 West, a charming little B&B in Pittsboro, NC. It was just down the road from Fearrington Village, my painting destination last Tuesday. Owners Houston and Cheryl maxed the place out when they renovated it. Humble from the outside, the inside is full of luxurious touches that they incorporated.

I started painting my rooms when I found myself staying in B&B’s that did not have in-room TV’s. So at 9 o’clock at night, what better way to entertain oneself than to paint one’s accommodations? The cheerful Monarch room was inspired by the beautiful Monarch butterfly. Notice the art on the wall, an oil painting by Cheryl’s artist daughter. The room included a flat screen TV, so this faced me with a dilemma. Do I paint or do I watch the dvd I’d packed for the trip?  Painting won out. Dvd’s can wait.


  1. Thanks, Jerry! I'll be painting more of this style soon. Between my shows in Wilson and Chapel Hill, there's been little time for much else. Really enjoyed meeting your sister last night at the opening in Wilson.