Aug 20, 2009

Dans la voiture, Part 2

“Typically Swansboro”, oil on canvas, 11x14"

“Pelican Habitat”, oil on canvas, 11x14"

Two more paintings I did dans la voiture. Both of these were painted in the winter, so I was probably escaping the cold.

I bet people wonder what I’m up to when I’m painting in the car. Last weekend on a rainy day at Topsail Beach, a patrolman stopped by. I held up my brush; told him I was painting, and asked him if someone had reported me. “No, actually, I thought it was a couple of teenagers making out,” he replied.

He also said I might want to use my defrost. I thought I was doing well to have the wipers on periodically. Best thing, he said, was to put the temperature in neutral and put on the defrost. Good way to run down the battery on a car, so one needs to remember not to leave it on indefinitely. More plein air adventures await, so I need to hit the road. Don’t forget, my other blog at

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