Aug 8, 2009

New Yorker cover art

“@ City Market”
6 1/2 x 6 1/2" watercolor

How this blog post came to be named “New Yorker cover art”, you’ll find by clicking on my other blog, Hot Off the Easel.

On the Plein Air Trail is about the process, so here goes. Painted this scene yesterday on the hot sidewalk at City Market in Raleigh. The town was gearing up for it’s First Friday event, so there was plenty of activity around me. I got some whistles over my large-brimmed hat. The hat and shades are not for glamour, but to help me deal with the sun. Oh well, a couple whistles are welcome. Even got a commission inquiry.

I have spoken to the owner of Woody’s @ City Market about painting his place. On all of my commissions, I do studies, decide what medium, size, possibly framing, etc. — beforehand. Although I have photographed this popular Raleigh establishment several times, I had never painted it. This will not be the view I use, and we haven’t even discussed size, but given his very cool website (don’t forget to come back to my blog!), and his excellent taste in art, it’s going to have to be some sort of cool painting. I’ll let you in on the progress as this commission unfolds.

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