Aug 26, 2009

Fast, faster, fastest

“Six Drummers Drumming”, 6x8" “Heron”, 6x9" “Twirling”, 7x9"

All fast, all plein air and alla prima, and all relatively small — these paintings, regardless of subject matter have much in common. I paint in different styles. I paint in a style that is often dictated by the subject I have chosen to paint. I prefer plein air painting, and so when I come upon subject matter that is either moving or risks moving, I paint fast. Sometimes my subject walks away. On location, I have painted F15 Strike Eagles in flight and was forced to take mental snapshots. Yes! There is such a thing!

I read recently somewhere, by another artist, that if you want to increase creativity, increase the speed at which you paint. You be the judge. The three paintings above were painted at different speeds, which one do you believe to be the most creative?

I conclude one thing. Painting this way is incredibly good practice, and it encourages an artist, not only to observe [more] faster, it facilitates loosening up. In much the same way that I painted these, I paint special events. Be sure to check out my WeddingWatercolor website to see how this type of painting led me down the aisle.

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