Aug 28, 2009

Paris 2004

“Notre Dame Pieta”
9 x 5.5" watercolor

Some of my plein air adventures cannot be shared. I’ve already begun some Christmas [gift] commissions, and for matters of secrecy, these need to be kept under wraps. Thus, today I’m featuring an image I painted some years ago.

I was relatively new to North Carolina when I traveled to Paris in 2004. At that time, I really did not know any local artists that I could invite to accompany me. I wanted to paint, and knew I’d need to go at a snail’s pace. And so, I invited a friend who was a candidate for knee replacement. We went slowly. She didn’t seem to mind stopping periodically so I could paint.

This is one of four images I painted while sitting on a window ledge inside the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The painting is the featured painting today on my online newsletter. Subscriptions to the newsletter are available at, or by simply clicking here.

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