Aug 17, 2009

Surf City painting

“Tree by a marsh”
6x8" oil on panel

Just got back from a long weekend at Topsail Beach. I hope you are following my other blog at I hate to be repetitive, so I will try not to give you the same information on both blogs. I did “Tree by a marsh” Saturday afternoon after dodging thunderstorms all day Friday. The painting is as much about the marsh in the background as it is about the tree. The way the sun hits the grasses on a salt marsh in late afternoon is spectacular. They glow almost yellow.

This afternoon, I played hookey from painting, and joined friends at the movie Julie & Julia. Warning guys, it’s definitely a chic flic . But oh! So inspiring! Makes me want to blog every day. Watch out for an onslaught of new blogs accompanied by new paintings.

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